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What is accidend Income Insurance

accidend is an Accident Insurance plan which pays an Income amount to the family of the insured person should the accident have resulted in the loss of life. 

Additionally, if selected, can pay the same income amount to the Insured person in the case of permanent disability resulting in the insured being unable to work again.

Secure an income for you and your family with accidend Income Insurance

accidents can result in an unpleasant, yet daily, reality. His important, for us as well as our loved ones, that we protect our families from the unpleasant consequences of an accident. For this reason, Insurancelink recommends the insurance plan accidend.

An affordable Insurance plan, which offers substantial coverage, in order to face all possible consequences that can arise from an accident (traffic, work related, etc.) for income. Depending on the Insured Income that you would like and your financial capabilities, you can choose to secure an income that best suits your needs.

accidend Income Insurance is issued by Olympic Insurance,and is offered exclusively by Insurancelink. Insurancelink, as part of the effort to fully cover its client, offers the insurance plan as an independent product in the Cyprus Insurance Market. 

The low premium combined with the high insurance coverage offered, performed by concise and timely procedures make Accidendlink unique and innovative in its field. 

Who issues and signs for accidend

Why Choose accidend Income Insurance

In case of accidental death of an income producer in the family(either husband or wife), accidend offers the:

  • provided income to secure the standard of living for your loved ones from the ill effects of a fatal accident.
  • provided income to ensure the financing of educating your children, along with restoring the stability in their daily lives.
  • provided income to pay off credit card balances, personal loans, and/or mortgage loans.
  • provided income to the financial relief of your family, allowing for a smooth adaptation period to possible new living conditions.
  • provided income to protect your immovable properties, ensuring the payment of various taxes.
  • provided income to cover, systematically and responsibly, a probable and unpredictable risk.
  • provided income to show your love and support for your family and any other financial dependents.

With the additional option for Permanent Disability in the case where you are no longer able to work due to accident related reasons accidend offers the:

  • Provided income so that you may live and cover the costs of your living expenses.
  • Provided income so that you may become acclimated to the new development in living conditions.

Accidendlink is specifically designed for that inconceivable event that could leave a family financially exposed, or the insured themselves. Accidendlink ensures your family, and you, will continue to enjoy the quality standard of living that was afforded to you before the accident.

Main Features of accidend Income Insurance

  • Applies to clients aged: 18-65 years  
  • Duration: Insurance renewal rights guaranteed until 65 years of age (of the Insured)  
  • Premium: €5-9 a month  
  • Benefits: €50.000 - €200.000   
  • No Medical Examinations  
  • No lengthy questionnaires  
  • Insurance in just 5 minutes  
  • 24hr Coverage  
  • Worldwide Coverage

What is the cost of accidend Income Insurance

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  • Down payment of 1/3 upon signing the application and then sign a standing order with your bank toautomate monthly installments.
  • Down payment of 1/3 upon signing the application and then to automate monthly installments with your Credit card.

Payment methods for accidend Insurance

How to acquire accidend Income Insurance