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This product is suitable for tenants of rented houses and apartments as well as for homeowners, who insure their building under a group policy or otherwise, and would like to protect their contents against specific perils.


The home must be occupied solely by the insured and his/her family as a permanent resident and he/she must be the owner of such contents.

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Suitability of the product

 Insure your house/flat contents up to 15,000

  with only 67 euro/year

Purpose of insurance

This policy will provide you cover for household goods, personal possessions, pedal cycles and money whilst in your home, which you or any member of your family own or are legally responsible for, against loss or damage from specific perils summarized below and detailed in your policy wording:

  1. Fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, or smoke
  2. Storm or flood
  3. Escape of water, oil or liquid 
  4. Riot, strike, civil commotion, labour disturbance
  5. Malicious damage or vandalism
  6. Theft or attempted theft from your home
  7. Impact from aircrafts, animals, falling trees or branches, falling aerials 
  8. Money up to €200
  9. Contents in the open up to €1,000 covered against specified perils (1-7)
  10. Contents temporarily removed up to 20% covered against the above specified perils (1-7)       In addition your cover is extended to include:
  11. Rent and alternative accommodation up to 10% of the contents sum insured for any causes insured under contents cover
  12. Liability as the occupier of the property up to €5,000

Limits and excesses

  • First loss cover of contents up to €15,000 (Without applying average clause) 
  • Total high risk items and personal possessions up to €5,000 and up to €1,000 per item, set or collection
  • Excess €100 under every cover

General exclusions

Unfurnished and unoccupied property, Radioactive Contamination, Pollution or Contamination , War and Similar Risks, Terrorism, Rot, Defective construction , Gradual deterioration , Existing and deliberate damage, Confiscation and forced entry, Deception, Business property and legal responsibility, Matching sets or items, Matching carpets, Loss of value , Indirect loss. 

For full details of the conditions and exclusions that apply to this insurance contract please read 

the Policy Wording together with your Policy Schedule

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The information of this webpage is concise. 

The terms, exclusions, conditions and coverages are included in the insurance policy.